MyIBC Information

** Important Information about MyIBC**

Submit IBC applications for review using MyIBC

Important Facts to Know:
  • All IBC investigators will be required to have completed the Biosafety - NIH Guidelines educational module a minimum of 24 hours before attempting to use MyIBC.  **If you attempt to login prior to the re-set of training data, the MyIBC system will NOT recognize you as a user!
  • IBC research conducted at BSL-2+ and above will require all involved laboratory personnel to complete the Biosafety - NIH Guidelines educational module before the application can be submitted
  • Legacy protocols - Previous IBC protocols are not uploaded to MyIBC.  Legacy protocols must be entered as "Create New Safety Submission"
  • Research at Biosafety Levels 2 and below are not required to list all personnel in the application at this time
  • Simple renewals for Legacy (paper) may continue to be submitted using the Annual renewal (NO changes) form until term expiration. Note that the IBC reserves the right to consider reducing terms for Legacy protocols

Additional Details for the MyIBC application process:

Investigators and staff must complete the NIH required training at least 24 hours prior to their first attempt to access the MyIBC system.

Users should access the MyIBC site with their HSConnect (ISER) Username and password credentials

Need training or additional assistance? Call the IBC Office at 412-383-1768 to schedule a training session

Page updated 13 December 2016